Quantum Qigong

Inner Circle Module 2

Lesson 2

What You'll Discover in These Lessons

“This first module is all about preparation and making sure you are staying focused on what you need to stay focused on. The basics are the key when looking to develop Incredible Mind Force & Quantum Qigong Power. In addition to the content in this first module, you’ll also have access to other video, audio and documents in some of the other sections of the membership…..”

Sifu Perhacs
Author, Creator, Visionary of The Total System

Video Training

The Advanced Chi DVD Volume 1 - Building Chi Pressure 

This is the first real exercise set that you will want to master. In fact, as you develop your Qi, you will be modifying elements of this routine. Even if this was the only exercise set you had, you would still be years ahead of 90% of all Qigong practitioners.


Quick Start Video #1 - Introduction


Quick Start Video #2 - Advanced Chi DVD


Quick Start Video #3 - Blood Washing


Quick Start Video #4 - Lying Down Meditation


Quick Start Video #5 - Chi Projection & Manipulation


Quick Start Video #6 - Mental Strength


Hypnotic Influence Patterns

How to Create your Own Personal Subliminal Recording Studio
- Take each pattern and drill each one per week. Use it everyday until you are comfortable with the concepts explained. You will increase your ability to hypnotically influence and use covert persuasion much quicker this way.

"Fact, Fact, Fact"




"A Person Could"



"Roll Back Time"


If you’ve ever wondered about rolling back time in order to understand things in a more psychic manner, this video will uncover some unique concepts for you to implement.

"The 7 Factors of Mental Preparation"


Audio Files

Many of these audio files are the MP3′s of the Videos, while others are additional content. Our members asked us to provide as much of the video content on MP3, so they could download it to listen at their leisure. Simply "right click" on the links or buttons and "save as" to a folder on your computer, phone or other media device.

Subliminal Entrainment Files

Download MP3 Audio Files (Right Click & Save As)

These unique files will enable you to get to a deeper state of relaxation with your meditations. These tracks have been specifically designed for use with Mind Force Quantum Qigong training. The sounds contain their own kind of energy that will allow your own qi energy to resonate at a much higher level. Combine these with your affirmations and directions and you have an unstoppable force for positive change.

PDF Documents

Download PDF Files (Right Click & Save As)

This training guide will be a quick reference for all of the the things you’ve learned in this module. Print this guide out so you can keep track of your progress as well as keep you focused on the skills you are learning within each module.

The book in this module is entitled “The Law of Mentalism”. This unique manuscript was digitally copied from its original book back at the turn of the century. Wait until you see how it is digitally restored. This book probably looks better than when you could get it at the book store. As with all of the books, make sure you are taking notes, so you can get all the nuggets of info they contain.
This was a groundbreaking book when it was published at the turn of the century, but the cool thing is the information and techniques work just as well today as they did back then…
***Because this file has been digitally restored it is very large (over 20mb), so keep that in mind when downloading it…

Bonus Course

Manipulation Downloads

The Mind Force Method is a powerful set of concepts,tactics and strategies to take your mental power to a new level.

Mind Force combines advanced energetics & hypnotic influence training, with several other esoteric techniques to create a technology which allows you to maximize your abilities and talents.

Next Module

Next month/module, you'll be introduced to one of the most amazing Qigong training videos of all time, The Advance Chi Power Video...This video has been sold all over the world with satisfied customers. Once you begin to harness the power this method contains, you will be amazed by your newfound Chi energy and power...Many other unique videos, audios and documents included.

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