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Lesson 8

What You'll Discover in These Lessons

“Module #7 Is all about THE LAWS OF ATTRACTION and how you can use them with your Mind Force and Qi Energy. This module contains the “Real” Secret behind the movie “the Secret…”

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Sifu Perhacs
Author, Creator, Visionary of The Total System

Video Training

The Advanced Chi DVD #2 - Building Chi Density Part 1

This is the 2nd Advanced Video and is the basis for helping to develop tremendous Qi


The Advanced Chi DVD #2 - Building Chi Density Part 2

Part 2 of the Advanced Exercise Set


Audio Files

Many of these audio files are the MP3′s of the Videos, while others are additional content. Our members asked us to provide as much of the video content on MP3, so they could download it to listen at their leisure. (Please note that there are other audio files for download if they correspond with a certain video. Check the video download page for additional audio files)

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In this MP3 file you will discover the differences between sexual energy and spiritual energy and how each one relates to the other as well as which one you want to focus on in your training.

You may have saw Andrei pick out the objects in the cans or bend metal with his chi, but you haven’t seen anything until you hear his story. Andrei has been a healer since he was a child and has an incredible belief in himself and The Quantum Qigong System.

1. Since chi is made up of sub atomic particles, is it possible, once you’ve gotten good enough at it to materialize a solid object? Also I heard of putting up barriers, is it possible to put up an actual physical wall as opposed to an etheric barrier (a mentally perceived barrier) to protect from psychic attacks?

2. About how long does it take to get to the water stage? I realize it varies, but what is a typical time range? Also how strong would one’s chi abilities be at this point?

3. If one exercises, but not on a regular consistant basis, would the chi still build up over a longer period of time?

4. Aside from building up the chi thru the exercises, is it necessary to practice projecting the chi all the time in order to get good? Will you still get good not practicing the projecting, but just do the exercises?

5. When using auto suggestions to manifest something like a larger income, is it necessary to consciously work at the goal with the chi providing the opportunity, or will the chi just automatically increase the income?

6. Speaking of auto suggestions, is it possible to use them in order to speed up the results of your training?

7. Besides from the martial arts and health benefits, what are some real time applications for chi?

8. I have been doing some heavy work and my muscles were sore, so I pulsed down the chi thru my sore muscles and the pain went away. Is it a good idea to use pulsing techniques to get rid of pain? Also I wear a rosary around my neck, will it get charged up with chi energy? Does anything that touches you or around you get charged up?

9. You keep reminding us to make the chi exercises in a happy blissful state, by that do you mean a calm happiness or more of an excited happiness?

10. My energy fields have started to expand as far as I can spread my arms apart and I’ve noticed I feel energy around me in any direction and it feels like when I do the palm test, have you experienced this before?

11. To what extent do we create our own reality? Also is shape shifting possible?

12. Quick question about bone marrow/energy packing and the blood washing exercise, when we do those exercises are we taking the energy that is around us & using it to increase our psi & energy? Is it actually that simple?

13. What should the ratio or balance be for the micro/macro cosmic orbits? I can feel the energy more doing it in the reverse way is this normal?

14. I have been using the ice, trying to learn the chi distillation technique, how do you know when you have got it down? My body seems to feel cold all the time now, so much so that I have started to get pains coming out of my joints, is this suppose to feel like this?

15. I started practicing trying to put the candle out to see if it would really go out like you guys say it would and I actually was able to put it out after I cut down the wick. I was wondering though if your eyes are suppose to tear up as I found mine kept doing so as I concentrated harder, is this normal & is it safe to do? .

Subliminal Entrainment Files

These unique files will enable you to get to a deeper state of relaxation with your meditations. These tracks have been specifically designed for use with Mind Force Quantum Qigong training. The sounds contain their own kind of energy that will allow your own qi energy to resonate at a much higher level. Combine these with your affirmations and directions and you have an unstoppable force for positive change.

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PDF Documents

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This training guide will be a quick reference for all of the the things you’ve learned in this module. Print this guide out so you can keep track of your progress as well as keep you focused on the skills you are learning within each module.

Practical Mental Influence: This is another book from my archives of unique books that really resonates intrinsic value…Even though this was written many years ago, the content is as meaningful today as it was when it was first published…Like all of the books I recommend, make sure you take notes and apply the techniqes that speak to you personally…

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Next month/module, you'll be introduced to one of the most amazing Qigong training videos of all time, The Advance Chi Power Video...This video has been sold all over the world with satisfied customers. Once you begin to harness the power this method contains, you will be amazed by your newfound Chi energy and power...Many other unique videos, audios and documents included.

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