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Inner Circle Module 5

Lesson 5

What You'll Discover in These Lessons

“Module #5 is really the module where you are going to get some really advanced insights into how the energy works. We interview a couple of people who have used this method successfully for many different types of techniques. This promises to be an eye-opening experience for many of you..”

Sifu Perhacs
Author, Creator, Visionary of The Total System

Video Training

Sensing Objects with Qi Energy

See Andrei use his Qi skills to detect items without seeing them.


Cause and Effect Pattern

Explore your hypnotic influence skills with this unique and provocative pattern.


Psycho-Cybernetics Training

More useful training for your mind.


Audio Files

Many of these audio files are the MP3′s of the Videos, while others are additional content. Our members asked us to provide as much of the video content on MP3, so they could download it to listen at their leisure. (Please note that there are other audio files for download if they correspond with a certain video. Check the video download page for additional audio files)

1. What is Wu Chi?

2. What is circle walking or walking in a figure 8 pattern?

3. What is Tai Chi/Chi Kung Ruler? 4. Will we be covering the martial aspects of chi kung?

5. Will we be going over any of these type techniques in our training?

6. After building my chi sometimes when I take a shower I feel somewhat claustrophobic-is this normal or am I yanging too much?

7. Does it make a difference whether my door id open or closed in my chi room?

8. How am I going to be effected if I am constantly working on people I don’t know like in my reiki practice?

9. I was doing the energy too hard and the over flow went into my kidneys and now I can’t train without pain, what should I do? Is there a way to speed up the time I have to wait so I can train again?

10. Should we use the same objects you use in the sensing objects video or can we pick ones of our own?

11. I have been trying to sense objects like you showed in the video, but can’t get any of them right, do you have any suggestions to make it easier?

12. Can a chi master influence or control the outcome of games of chance, sports, casinos, ect.?

13. Is densified or condensed chi the same as ectoplasm?

14. What’s your take on pyramid energy, chi generators and Crystal quartz?

15. What’s your take on the Tibetan five rights which they say produce a rejuvenating effects?

16. The other day while talking with someone, who was describing them self going thru a panic attack, I started having chest pains myself-is this kind of thing normal? Do you think there is something wrong with me, he was having any symptoms just describing them?

17. Sometimes I feel pulsations in my ears during meditations and sometimes even without meditating and the pulses don’t match my heart rate-is this normal or is there something wrong with my ears?

Subliminal Entrainment Files

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Qi Perception Acceleration

In this guided short meditation, you will learn how to entrain your mind to the concept of Qi perception and sensitivity skills…

PDF Documents

Download PDF Files (Right Click & Save As)

This training guide will be a quick reference for all of the the things you’ve learned in this module. Print this guide out so you can keep track of your progress as well as keep you focused on the skills you are learning within each module.

Psycho Cybernetics: By Maxwell Maltz- This book is one of the first “self help” books I read and had a profound impact on my life. Like many of the books I recommend, I suggest you get the hard copy of the book for your library. I have enclosed a PDF copy below for you to peruse, but once you see the power this book contains, you will want a hard copy for your records. Many of these books are very inexpensive, yet contain incredible insights and advice.

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Bonus Course

Mind Portal Meditation

Next Module

Next month/module, you'll be introduced to one of the most amazing Qigong training videos of all time, The Advance Chi Power Video...This video has been sold all over the world with satisfied customers. Once you begin to harness the power this method contains, you will be amazed by your newfound Chi energy and power...Many other unique videos, audios and documents included.

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