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Inner Circle Module 11

Lesson 11

What You'll Discover in These Lessons

“The 11th Module will go into to more unique ways to harness and deliver your Qi energy.Here is a short video for you to watch….”

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Sifu Perhacs
Author, Creator, Visionary of The Total System

Video Training

Transferring Energy Video (Temps Hot & Cold)

We will go into detail on how you can use your chi to transfer energy.


Reading Body Language and Energy

Explains the procedure to read someones energy and body language.


People are Able to

Covert Persuasion & Hypnotic Influence Pattern


People can Because

Covert Persuasion & Hypnotic Influence Pattern


People Can Name

Covert Persuasion & Hypnotic Influence Pattern


The Fact, That Fact Means

Covert Persuasion & Hypnotic Influence Pattern


Audio Files

Many of these audio files are the MP3′s of the Videos, while others are additional content. Our members asked us to provide as much of the video content on MP3, so they could download it to listen at their leisure.

Transferring Energy Training

1. Since you say it takes years, even for you guys, 2-3 yrs to get in touch with our spirit, will we be able to reach that point if we don’t continue in the system past the first year?
Do we have to be in the closed system part to learn this process?

2. Is getting into the closed part of the system going to be an automatic process? Will there be other requirements?

3. On using the chi stick, how do you know which way is up?

4. Do you have any other tips on how to handle the sexual energy build up, as it seems to build in me to unreal levels no matter which way I do it, any suggestions?
No more Vol-1 exercises, switch to Vol-2 only, don’t take energy thru the head or groin areas as much, take cold showers and use cool energy in those areas, don’t equate the euphoric feelings to the sex drive, listen to spiritual things more and only practice in a spiritual surrounding.

5. From the Emotional Content mp3, which I liked and got good info, but I wasn’t sure if the omega-6 fatty acids were good for us or not, could you comment?
Omega-3 and Omega-6 are the essential fatty acids we need in our bodies. We don’t want them hydrogenated, rendering them harmful to us, by the heating up process. They are good for the heart.

6. I work on new people everyday (from 1-3 daily) and I was wondering what I should do when one of those people walk in all yanged out, as it has a tendency right now to be very draining and adversely affecting me?
Refer to video of month on Healing techniques for the detailed answer on this one, coming in month 11.

7. Could you explain in a little more detail how you put the good feeling energy into the blob of energy we move around? I feel the blob of energy, but don’t get how to make it (the blob itself) feel good?

8. Can you explain about the seven vortexes a little more, as I think I activated one in my chi point area? That whole area will just spontaneously start spinning sometime during my workout, making me feel the weirdest sensations, is this suppose to feel this way? Sometimes I feel it, and I’m not even working out.

9. I was wondering what is happening with me lately, It started out by me feeling these waves of energy coming thru my body as I listened to the 8th month video on affirmations, but now when I listen to any of the mp3s (even by other certified instructors) this wave feeling continues to happen. Is that a normal thing?

10. If I wanted to manifest something with a training partner would it still work okay, even though he’s moving away to a different state? Does the distance matter?

11. Do we as Inner Circle Members, need to purchase a Chi Stick? It’s kind of expensive, so if we don’t need it, I just soon not have to buy it.
Depends on how well you visualize, if you do it well, you don’t need the stick, if not then the stick will be cheap in the long run.

12. I have a question concerning magnets. Does the use of magnets benefit your training that much? I’m curious, as I see them advertised a lot of places and notice you occasionally sell them. If they are worth the money I’ll get them, but would like your opinion first.

13. You have mentioned the term inflows and outflows a couple times now, but I still don’t know what this means. Are you talking about using the breaths or is this that body breathing you’re talking about?

14. I have studied about how to do a Dim Mak technique for 10-yrs now and was wondering if I got your Dim Mak course, if it would give me the missing pieces of the puzzle I seem to be missing? Will your course really teach me to do a death touch?

15. Can you explain to me how to give someone an autosuggestion that would work, even though they may be across the country away?
Yes, try something as simple as getting someone you know to call that you haven’t talked to in a long time. See them in your head and tell them to call and at the same time see this happening as a video clip in your head. See how many times you have to do it before they call. Try it in different ways to see which way works best for you.

Subliminal Entrainment Files

PDF Documents

Download MP3 Audio Files (Right Click & Save As)

This is one of the books that generated the incredible enthusiasm for the Neuro Linguistic Programming movement in the 70′s. Written by the two creators of NLP, Richard Bandler and John Grinder, this book takes a look into language patterns, hypnotic influence and other unique topics.

*This book is no longer being published, but I would highly recommend you get your hands on a hard copy if you can. I provide the book in electronic format, so you can get a sense for its value. My advice is to see if you can secure a copy of this book from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Bonus Course Credits

Hypnotic Influence Bootcamp

Hypnotic Influence Boot Camp: Note that you will get the download to week #13, and it has links to all the other 12 modules. Make sure you start at Module #1

Next Module

Next month/module, you'll be introduced to one of the most amazing Qigong training videos of all time, The Advance Chi Power Video...This video has been sold all over the world with satisfied customers. Once you begin to harness the power this method contains, you will be amazed by your newfound Chi energy and power...Many other unique videos, audios and documents included.

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