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Dim Mak Download Manual

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Dim Mak Secrets

This is without a doubt one of the most unique training guides ever. You will learn in very concise and precise ways how to do some amazing techniques. Using science and the understanding of physics, you'll begin to understand the power of your own mind, body and spirit. 

Dim Mak Power Striking

If you’ve ever wanted to know the secrets of the clandestine art of Death Point Striking or Dim Mak, you’ve got an opportunity to get what you’ve been seeking…

Our Dim Mak Course, which includes (3) three striking and healing chart posters, has been a best seller for years…The one thing missing was a nice concise high quality manual for you to have to learn this information even better…

Here are just a few of the things you’ll discover:

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    Learn the exact placement of all of the most deadly striking points with our beautiful full color Dim Mak Power Striking Posters.
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    Can quickly locate the most potent Dim Mak points on your opponent for either a quick disabling or totally "Take Out".
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    Uncover hidden methods of training so rare that your colleagues will will wish they had found it first and curse the day you were born. (Heck they might just pay YOU to teach these highly guarded strategies to them, so they’ll be in the know!
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    How to learn the secret of taking these concepts and integrating it with your current style of martial art. No need to learn a new style, just apply these concepts to your chosen style of fighting.
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    Discover a trick that will allow you to hit ten times harder than you ever have before (It might surprise you!)
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    A magical secret that reveals exactly how to put together striking combinations as well as become proficient at isolating your ability to strike these points at will.
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    Find out why some people have a non-reaction to a strike…and how you can beat them every time all the time by taking advantage of that fact
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    Unearth the one secret "Diamond Point" method that will increase your ability to hit your target by 110%.
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    How to guarantee your skills will work under “battle conditions”!
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    How to legally and ethically use these points in a confrontation without killing or maiming!
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    Create your own techniques on the fly that will work every time
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    Discover THE best way to strike while your attacker is standing or on the ground!
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    The Ultimate Striking tools, and how to use them under high-stress situations.
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    Instantly have the power and confidence to know you are in control of a situation, way before it gets physical… We call it “POWER MIND” (Advanced Concept)
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    And SO Much More...

This manual contains 3 separate manuscripts at an incredible price and value…

Because we have always believed in delivering more than you expect, we’ve included 2 additional manuals with the Dim Mak Information.

We included our Acupressure Points for Healing Instruction Guide

Chi Power Bonus #1--Master Secrets of Qigong

You’ll also receive our famous “Stretching Tips” instruction on stretching and how you can learn to perform extreme flexibility, even Chinese Splits!

People have raved about this simple yet effective training for years, and it’s yours as part of this amazing collection of unique methods.

Bonus -  Pressure Points Charts

Because we believe in over-delivering to our customers, we have decided to include with this library, smaller versions of our three (3) pressure points and dim mak posters. Now, these aren’t the full size wall posters that you receive with our Dim Mak System, but they are wonderful 8 1/2 X 11 full color charts you can use to pin point the location of the acupressure or dim mak points. You will love them.

You’ll also receive a third chart, not pictured here.

Dim Mak Secrets & Pressure Points
for Healing

Dim Mak Power Striking Manual

Acupressure Points for Healing Guide

Secrets of Self Defense

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