Mind Force

Closed Door Module 12 – Integration of All Concepts Learned

Lesson 12

What You'll Discover in These Lessons

The Closed System is set up for you to learn at a pace that will allow you to grasp all the concepts of each module. In this first module we will introduce some new concepts to you about your next level of training.

At first glance, you may think it is similar to what you've already been doing, but it's the nuances of the training which will allow you to start increasing your chi energy and manipulation skills. By adding each element, it is a stacking process that builds from one module to the next.

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Sifu Perhacs
Author, Creator, Visionary of The Total System

Video Training

Black Belt

Alchemy is the science of turning one substance into that of another. In this video, you’ll begin to understand that by using the concepts Mind Force & Quantum Qigong, you are actually creating a change physically, mentally and spiritually.

Audio Files

Many of these audio files are the MP3′s of the Videos, while others are additional content. Our members asked us to provide as much of the video content on MP3, so they could download it to listen at their leisure. Simply "right click" on the links or buttons and "save as" to a folder on your computer, phone or other media device.

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PDF Files

Download PDF Files 

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This training guide will be a quick reference for all of the the things you’ve learned in this module. Print this guide out so you can keep track of your progress as well as keep you focused on the skills you are learning within each module.

Bonus Course Credits

Monthly Credit System

Monthly Credit: $100 

Not good towards additional memberships or grouped value packs of products.

Each month you will receive a credit of $100 good towards any current product of equal or lesser retail value. You can also save credits to accumulate for products that are more than 1 credit/$100

Next Module

Next month/module, you'll be introduced to one of the most amazing Qigong training videos of all time, The Advance Chi Power Video...This video has been sold all over the world with satisfied customers. Once you begin to harness the power this method contains, you will be amazed by your newfound Chi energy and power...Many other unique videos, audios and documents included.

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