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Chi Power Blueprint with Full System Offer

Lesson 9

Chi Power Blueprint Manual

Check out even more information on the Chi Power Blueprint Manual below. If you should have any issues with your download, please contact our support desk by clicking here.

Chi Power Blueprint

This is without a doubt one of the most unique training guides ever. You will learn in very concise and precise ways how to do some amazing techniques. Using science and the understanding of physics, you'll begin to understand the power of your own mind, body and spirit. 

Here's just a sampling of what you'll learn.

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    Chi Power Breathing
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    Yin and Yang Power
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    Chi Animal Control
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    Focusing Yang Energy
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    Moving a Straw with Chi Energy
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    Putting Out a Candle Flame with Chi Energy
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    Keeping Warm or Cold with Chi Energy
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    Chi Power for Protection
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    Chi Time Control
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    And many other unique and amazing methods

When you order the set of manuals today, I’m going to throw in the following bonuses that I know You're going to love.

Chi Power Bonus #1--​Master Secrets of Qigong

If this wasn’t good enough, we also included in this hard copy edition our very popular “MASTER SECRETS OF QIGONG” report…This report will give you insights to topics and concepts most Qigong instructors don’t even know about, let alone teach…


Real Value: $27 Yours FREE Today

​Chi Power Bonus #2--​​Chi Power Blueprint Seminar

This seminar was done live for a group of students in our $97/month membership several years ago. The only way you could have access to this information was to be a member and pay $97 per month until now...This seminar will help you to better understand the concepts taught in the Chi Power Blueprint.


Real Value: $97 Yours FREE Today

Chi Power "Super" Bonus #3--​​The 23 Most Asked Questions about the Chi Power Blueprint

We decided to gather up the top questions asked about The Chi Power Blueprint and distill these questions into the 23 most asked questions.

This bonus 2 hours+ is like having a personal mentoring call to answer any of your questions about The Chi Power Blueprint…

These questions are answered in 23 MP3 files that you can immediately download to get all of the information.

My personal opinion, is this is the best addition we’ve made to this training in years. This will cut down your time to get things to work and you’ll see the benefits and value of The Chi Power Blueprint much more clearly.


Real Value: $97 Yours for FREE for a very Limited Time!

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